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As health is declining over the years the passion for music is not and as strong as ever.

Enjoy my mixes and keep on rocking!
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Growing up in a special time when a lot of new music genres where founded, my favourite genre is not limited to just one. Swingbeat, hip house, deep house, R&B and Rap are all genres I love to rock on.
Most sessions are in a theme but I like to mix and be creative will unique music combinations.

Digital mixing

Creating a mix these days with help from digital technology is great. It gives time for extra effects and connected with Spotify and suggestions it’s a new way of mixing.

CD mixing

As vinyl DJ I’ve had a hard time learning to mix with CD’s. I could not touch them with my hands but after a lot of training I managed to get a hold on it.

Vinyl mixing

Scratching on Vinyl is still the best feeling there is. You can feel the needle move and spin the wheel as you feel. Learned how to mix when I was 14 years old.

Recent mixes

You can listen to the mixes via Soundcloud or directly on this website with the live video how it is mixed

Cover up!

Mix from Saturday 26th of December 2020

House in my System!

Mix from Sunday 6th of December 2020

Party! mix

Mix from Sunday 8th of November 2020

Erick Morillo tribute mix

Mix from Friday Night 16th of October 2020

Lady Dee La Di Ga Ga Mix

Mix from Friday Night 19th of June 2020

Sunset at Egmond beach mix

Mix from Friday Night 10th of July 2020

Erick Morillo tribute mix

Erick left us sadly in September at only 49 years of age, same age as myself now.
But his music continues to live on.
Click on the image to go to the mix page.

Lago Levico magic mix by DJ Arthrosis

Inspired by standing on a scaffolding at midnight at Lago Levico in Italy in August 2020.
Feel the magic from the lake under a clear sky filled with stars!

July 2020: Holidays are here mix by DJ Arthrosis

Feel the summer with dance music from all countries, grap a cocktail and join the party…


The passion for dance music

Growing up in a small village with 30 bars and 5 discotheques there was a lively dance scene to enjoy the weekends and meet people. With my father working for a record company and my brother a professional musician there was always music in my ears.


LLCoolJ was my first rap hero, can’t live without my radio was my life theme as well. It went everywhere with me.


I was never a good dancer but the dances performed with this music style we tried to copy in the disco.


Tyree Cooper with Turn up the base is my most used mixing record in these days.


I love funky house with deep bass and beats, makes my head nod.

Sunday 7th of June 2020

The funk soul brother mix

From James Brown and other funky tunes to deep house remixes of today. This mix with 40 songs in one hour will lift up your mood.

30th of May 2020

Saturday Night Live last mix

For now the final Saturday Night mix, a mix criss cross all mixes from the last 3 months.

Saturday Night Live 9th Of May 2020

End of the Tunnel mix

From darkness to the light, from deep house to summer salsa. This mix gives you some summer vibes. Play it loud!

Saturday Night Live mix 2 May 2020

Swinghouse in tha Club mix

Back to the mid 90s with music from the hottest clubs of that moment like IT Amsterdam and De Danssalon Eindhoven. Of course mixed with modern deephouse and and rare remixes.
 Feel tha club vibe!

Saturday Night Live 25 April 2020

Over the Rainbow mix

Starting from 115 BPM to over 150 BPM this weeks mix will speed things up. Filled with dance floor killers from the early 90s. Let’s GO!

Saturday Night Live 18 April 2020

These Are the Breaks Mix

From the beginning of the breakdance era in the mix with mashups, remixes and other breakbeats.
Listen in stereo on Soundcloud ‘These are the Breaks‘.

Saturday Night Live 11 April 2020

The Horny 
Private Hiphouse  Mix

Old skool Hiphouse mixed with modern deephouse.
Some classics mixed and mashed up with their latest remixes. 
Play it loud and get on the dance floor!


I have several artists and dj’s I admire. Carl Cox and David Morales are well known, but also dj’s from the past that are still active like Derrick Carter and Ruud van Rijen. They also keep on rocking!

Saturday Night Live on 28th of March 2020 try out session

Try out from dj Arthrosis to test experience with home dj set in the mix.
Live set from the 28th of March 2020 with deep house and some old skool stuff. Enjoy!


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